Monday, January 9, 2012

Web Designing is Infinite

websitedesigning is the infinite work in which various new logic concepts and policies add on regularly. Each and every web design experts give different different views and ideas. That's why each and every designer does not take freely decision for the website design. Actually a website designer need free thinking for designing as an innovative design need something special. Each and every designer need to follow only w3c specified rules as w3c has great expertise of website designing policy and concepts. Actually practice makes man perfect this statement is completely fit in the case of website designer as a website designer firstly design its first layout as per your thinking he is not follows w3c policy and concepts but time by time web designer get very professional in your web design work. A w3c policy is a well and recognized policy but a freely mind work is freely mind work as a innovative ideas need freely mind work may be give very decent look and feel of your web site layout.

Designing of Browser Friendly Webpage

If your web page taking so much time for loading than it is not good for your web page as user jump next website. For this you should be follows these tips:
Minimize the use of images
Optimize images for the web
Use Tables creatively
Cut down the use of animated gifs
Design simple icons
Use background images instead of big images whenever possible
Try out CSS Styles
Use Flash sparingly
Design most of your site in HTML
Keep checking your load time.

Save Your Website from Online Thieves

1. If you are using image for your website than you must add your logo and company name in the picture so that if online thieves stole this image than promote your website through your logo and company name.
2. Use alt tag with every image of your website so that if viewers search than get your website image and reach your website.
3. Use copyright and a legal disclaimer notice for each your website content
4. You can use copyscape for copyright your website content